That picture perfect bow.

Bows…  Oh, how I adore bows.

Don’t you?


They are simply the epitome of girly femininity.


So can you tie a perfect bow?

Tying a picture perfect bow was not always a “life skill” I possessed.  I used to just wing-it.  I’d hope for something pretty to appear.  Rarely did I succeed.  It would  be twisted.  It would be lopsided.  It would be upside down.  Sound familiar??

Well now my friends, I’m happy to say, that I’ve mastered tying that picture perfect bow!

It’s actually really quite simple once you know the steps.  Come!  Let’s take a look!


So first we start out with each side hanging evenly on both the left & the right…

IMG_9704 (1)

Then we cross them to form an “X” … right over to the left, and the left over to the right!  Make sure the right side stays on TOP.



Now lift the bottom piece (which is now on the right) and tuck it over and under like so…

Pull tight!

See!?  Super simple so far!!

Okay, now’s the time to really look close…  Notice how the left side is sticking up, and the right side is hanging down??


Grab that “hanging down” side  …  (heehee!)  …  and make a loop out of it!

Point that loop up.

Now take that left side and drape it over the front of your loop…  like so…


I feel silly explaining the rest!!  It’s just like tying your shoes!!

Tuck the top piece under, up, & to the right, to form the second loop.


Pull the loops!!


Adjust the tails so they hang nicely & pull the loops again (even on each side!) to tighten…

& Ta-Dah!!



So really, here’s the only thing to remember…

In order for both loops to end up on the top, and both tails to end up at the bottom, always form the first loop from whichever side is “hanging down” & always form the second loop by going over, then under, then up!!

Simple as that!!

Now go tie some bows!!

Send me a pic…  I will post all of your gorgeous bows!!



2 thoughts on “That picture perfect bow.”

  1. Jessica! I love your writing style! Way to explain something as simply, thoroughly and as fun as possible! You are such a natural at this! You are the New Martha Stewart! I look fwd. to reading more of your blogs! Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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