Knitting 101

There once was a time when I couldn’t knit.





I wanted to!!  I reeeally tried!

I bought books.  I bought magazines.  I even had a family member show me how!  But for some odd reason, I just couldn’t grasp the concept of, “what in the hec am I doing!?”



It felt like I had 2 left hands!

It felt awkward!


And I couldn’t even begin to memorize all those steps & positions!!


It seemed like some kind of evil hand torture to me!!


It was very frustrating!!




 And this was supposed to be relaxing!?



Then one day, one magical day, I stumbled upon this picture…0c402a0b-6155-45e8-b5fd-4808b68f3f70-e1513555453260.pngDING DING DING!!


Total lightbulb moment.


Okay, so THIS is what I’m supposed to be doing!!  After I saw this pic, I totally got it.


So, as you can see, at the top of this picture, there are lots of loops.  For the sake of explanation, the “old” loops are green, and the the “new” loops are blue.7C72768B-4577-416B-A664-4E67DBFE3184Now if this were actual yarn, those loops would easily unravel…  there isn’t anything to make them stay put!  That’s where the knitting needles come in!


We need knitting needles to prevent it from unraveling!  We use 2 needles…  1 needle holds up the old loops (green) and the other needle holds up the new loops (blue.)4A396D14-0FE6-472F-8BA0-51722A00E829Here it is in real life…6FB37A0B-2364-40AE-9011-9E5FB3818A5F

Okay so “knitting” is just simply pulling up a new loop of yarn, through an old loop of yarn, using the tips of the needles!


The needle on the right pulls up new loops and holds them, while the needle on the left holds the old loops and releases them!



Here I’ve broken down “pulling up a loop onto the right needle” into 10 pictures …



It’s just that simple folks!


You can do this!!


The key is to understand WHAT you are doing BEFORE you start doing it!


I will be posting free knitting classes several times a week!  You can check back here on my blog, or easier yet, you can just follow me and get new classes emailed straight to your inbox!!


So now that you understand what knitting is, you are ready for “Knitting 102.”

We will be discussing materials!


Yay!!  Shopping!!!

Woot Woot!!!




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